What you need to know about Dispensary PR

By | June 15, 2019

With more alternatives for where cannabis enthusiasts purchase cannabis, as a marijuana seller it is important to improve brand awareness to assist prevent being squeezed out once the industry booms and reaches its peak. If you are a participant in the cannabis industry, a sound advertising and communications tactic is now crucial.

The brand awareness tactic that is recently the most applicable is the one based in successful public relations. If you are a marijuana seller with a limited budget, getting a sound public relation strategy from a reputable dispensary PR service is worthwhile. Here at NisonCo, we will provide you the right public relations for pot shops and dispensaries to help you build credibility and improve your trade name’s search ranking. We are the top dispensary PR strategy service in Denver, Colorado and we’ll help you to improve brand awareness if you are a participant in the cannabis business.

NisonCo is Colorado’s full service marketing agency devoted to the marijuana space. Here at our company, we partner with firms who share our mission of destigmatizing marijuana to break ground in this aggressive industry. We are a consultancy team and we provide support in investor relations, supply chain management, and operations.

The Leading Dispensary PR Strategy Service in the Entire Colorado Area

Here at NisonCo, our team is made of experts from the conventional industries and the marijuana space and thus have a dexterous approach to projects. Choose our PR strategy solutions today and get exclusive news, insights, and events delivered prompt to your inbox.

Why you should choose us as your Dispensary PR Strategy Service Provider

At NisonCo, we know what it takes to establish a cannabis business and we will assist you take that apprehension to the subsequent level. We provide an extensive array of services to enable you build brand recognition, stimulate consumer conversation, not to mention we have the expertise to help you attain the leadership level you’ve always wanted to achieve in the marijuana industry.